Sunday, December 5, 2010

First Snowboard and Winter Plans

OK so some of you that have followed the blog since its start a few years ago might be wondering what is going on with the title change and what not. So let me take a moment to fill you in.

In December of 2009 I went up to App Ski Mountain for opening day. They had a special, 5 dollar lift ticket. So I borrowed my buddy’s skis and gear and took to the mountain for my first experience in the snow. Unfortunately the only runs open were the bunny slope and the main black diamond. After a few passes down the bunny slope, I was a bit bored and decided to make a pass down the black. Oops. I fell alot! I enjoyed going down the mountain when I was up, however I was having trouble turning both the skis... but I had a feeling I would be better at a snowboard. So with this Alicia was very nice and gave me a snowboarding trip get away to Winter place in West Virginia. My buddy Travis Smith and his g/f at the time joined Alicia and I on the trip and we had a blast! Snowboarding was much more "natural" to me than skis were. I guess it was the years of skateboarding that helped.

After that day in West Virginia I went riding at Sugar Mountain outside of Boone, NC many times and ended the season with a day trip to Beach Mountain which is a bit farther away from Boone, but is still in NC. This trip was with one of my good friends, Josh Beasley. Unfortunately, I took a hard hit when I relaxed at the end of a run and knocked my head pretty good. But that didn't change my outlook on it, I was still hooked and looking forward to going snowboarding again.

So this year after the riding season has come to a close I started looking around at gear. After talking with my boss one night he recommended a board shop, "Vertical Urge." When I went in I was immediately impressed with all the gear and supplies they had in that small store. The staff was great and they hooked me up with an amazing deal! Here is what I came back out with a couple hours later...

What I have now is all Burton gear: Board, Boots and Bindings. The board is the "Clash" (158 cm) the bindings are "Custom" and the boots are the "Motos."

At this point we have one trip planned which is in a couple weeks. December 17th-19th. Its looking as though it will be a guys weekend out which will include: Robert, Eman, Travis, Josh, my boss George and myself. Cant wait to get back out on the slopes.

Look for pictures and potentially video as well soon!

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