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2010 Riding Season Recap

With the cold weather setting in, I went ahead this afternoon and added the Stabil to the fuel and set the bike up for some down time this winter. With this I figured I would post up some pictures to recap this past years riding season. It was a busy one with the multiple trips to Boone this spring, SS1000 ride, Summer ride to see Granddaddy, BRP End to Ender, Labor Day ride to Deals Gap, etc.

Most of the pictures below have been posted, however there are some new ones from various day rides that I didn't blog about.

This past winter I spent a good amount of time and money going through the bike, upgrading and replacing worn parts. This included: new chain and sprockets, Racetech emulators, Ohlins rear shock, checked valves along with cleaning and lubing other ket components.

Starting to tear down the FZ.

Hands down the best investment I have made to the FZ. New Ohlins fully adjustable shock.

Tearing down the forks to add the emulators.

First major ride of the year was a BIG one! Dad and I finally entered the long distance riding community by completing the SS1000, 1000 miles in 24 hours. We completed 1087 miles in ~18 hours.

It was a cold start that March morning!

SS1000 route outlined in Blue. "We rode to Jacksonville Florida via Macon Georgia to eat a Waffle House."

First of April, Dad and I made a quick day trip up Hwy 8 into Virgina and around Fries and back home. This was the first time I had put the bike in the twisties since making the modifications to the bike. :)

Dad and I spent some time on Hwy taking some pictures/video on Tuggles Gap. Below is a link to a short video I put together of the time on Tuggles Gap.

One of my favorite pictures.

Dad doing work on the FJR.

We made a stop by the Shot Tower on the side of 77 to get some pictures. Unfortunately it was closed still for the winter. That didn't stop us from going to get some shots..

I made many trips to Boone this past spring to spend the weekend with Alicia. As the warmer weather started coming around I began to make my way up on the mountains to have some fun.
However with the warmer weather came the onslaught of Floridians... This was just the beginning. It became an epidemic latter in the season. (See End to Ender ride report)

Making my way up/around Beach Mountain. Found this snowbird getting an early start.

A friend of mine decided that he wanted to get on a bike this year. Over the Christmas break he got himself this nice GS500. We made a day trip up to The Snake and around that area. Ended up stopping by part of the dam system in that area.

Brent's GS500

Atop one of the largest dams in the area.

In May I completed my senior design project which was a single wheeled trailer to be pulled behind my FZ. I ended up winning the Dean's Choice (1st place) in the design expo.

Trailer hooked up the bike!

On May 15th (a week after the design expo) I graduated from UNC-Charlotte with a degree in mechanical engineering! It took my 5 years, but I finally got through it.

One expensive ass piece of paper.

After graduation, Dad and I made a trip down to Florida to see my Grandfather as his health was start to fail. On the way down, Dad and I stopped at the 8th Air Force Museum to look around.

The bikes next to the F4 Phantom on display at the 8th Air Force Museum.

Catching a sunset in Fort Myers.
Sunshine Skyway Bridge. Rode up the Gulf Coast on the way home.

We found the rain on the way home! I think this picture is what ended up killing my camera.... later in the day we rode in the hardest rain I have ever been in. See Florida ride report for more details.

The SS1000 ride was certified and shortly after the Florida trip our certificates and tag backs came in the mail.

Thats right!

Later in the summer Dad and I finally got things together and completed our End to Ender ride. We took 3 days and went up to Virgina to start at the top and ride down to Cherokee. We camped the two nights at motorcycle campgrounds and on the third day made our way around the Georgia mountains before coming home.

Start of the BRB in Virgina.

Just a cool shot.

End of the Parkway.

End of the Parkway

After After After the BRP ride I was needed a new rear tire. Once I got it back on I went out for a quick ride to scuff in the new tire. I went up Hwy 8 to Tuggles Gap then around the BRP for a bit. However I managed to find a road off the parkway that interested me...

I found a creek! Who says the FZ cant do off-road?

Finally got some pictures of the farm land off Squirrel Spur Road. Beautiful area.

Im thinking aliens did this... is there a reason it looks like the knob could fit upside down in the hole next to it? (Pilot Mountain)

In the heat of the summer, Mom, Dad and I made a run up into West Virgina to ride Hwy 16 back down. West Virgina has always amazed me. The rivers, railroad and road always follow each other.

Racing the coal train.

I love that movie!

End of July I started working in Clayton. After I got settled in I went out for a day ride. Ended up back roading my way down to Wilmington.

No Fun.

USS North Carolina in Wilmington

BIG guns!

On Labor Day weekend, Josh, Jon and I made a trip to Robbinsville, NC to ride with the MTF crowd. This was our yearly trip to Deals Gap and surrounding area.

This year, Jon's Father, Doc joined us.

Gathered up on the Cherohala Skyway.

Team J^2

After Jons wreck during the Labor Day ride he ended up purchasing a Harley Sportster 48. On a warm weekend before Thanksgiving, Jon and I made a day trip out Cape Lookout on the Outer Banks. It was our goal to take a picture of the bikes with the light house and to do so with each one on the Outer Banks. However this wasn't able to happen at Cape Lookout. There are no roads on the island. Bummer. Oh well we are still planning to continue these rides and hopefully by the end of the next season we will complete our goal.

Jons new ride!

Cape Lookout

Over all it was a great riding season! By far the longest season I have had by far the most miles, though I did fall just short of my 50,000 mile goal. (Odometer is currently reading a bit over 47,000) Hopefully next year I will be able to gain more miles than I did this season and I will make it out past the Mississippi River.

There are some big rides all ready scheduled for this coming year, including a BBG, a possible Smokey and the Bandit Run, and the yearly Deals Gap ride. :) But for now, the bike is put up for the winter, waiting for the winter maintenance. However, I will still be heading to the mountains this winter, but for a whole new reason.... Time for some snow boarding. Details to come soon...

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