Saturday, December 20, 2008

Winter Update

The fall semester is over now, however winter looks/feels as though it is here to stay for a while. It the last couple months I think all I managed to get in was about 200 miles or so. Every now and then we have been getting up to around 60 but it has usually be accompanied by wet weather.

From what I hear the almanac is calling for a harsh winter this year. There is no sign of snow/ice is the prediction however. Looks as though the next few months the FZ will be getting some good cleaning done inside the garage. That and hopefully a few upgrades...

Dad and I are starting to throw out some ideas for next seasons rides. The Ironbutt idea has come back into the ring and there was talk at some point about a "Battleship Tour." Making a trip to go visit the near by battleships/submarines/aircraft carriers.

Also it looks like I will be going on a group ride with some members of the FZ6 forum I am part of. First weekend in June we will be gathering in Robbinsville, Nc to ride Deals Gap, and ride some roads in eastern Tennessee and western North Carolina. Its shaping up to be a good size group, so it should be fun.

That and there is still my goal of crossing the Mississippi River. In my "younger years" I used to go visit my relatives during the summer months. In this traveling I have been to about every state on the east coast, no further north than Pen. but no further west than the Mississippi River. So at some point I was to cross that river, just to say I did. Maybe this year.

Well that's about it. School starts back I think on the 12th of January, so I will be enjoying some R&R for the next couple of weeks. Hopefully we will get some warm days here and there. If not, see ya around March...

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