Thursday, March 1, 2012

Vstrom Upgrades...

Like every winter off season that I can remember, the bikes have gone through a series of upgrades. While the Vstrom came pretty well set up for long distance riding, there were a few things I wanted to do to make it my own.

First thing I did was paint the saddle bags. The bags a bit of damage and some scuffs from the previous owner that I wanted to touch up. In addition, they were all black and blended in too well with the back of the bike. I wanted to do something to make them visually stand out some.

Solution: Paint the vertical surfaces of the bags silver to match the front of the bike.

Doesn't look to bad if I say so myself.

Added a little reflective tape to make myself a bit more vizable at night.

Saw this trick done on another Vstrom online. Love it how looks like I have extra head lights.

Dad and I made a list of things that we needed to do to the bikes before the start of our riding season. We purchased some white boards so that we could write on them over and over. The list for the Vstrom was rather long, but we stayed after it and got it done.

Checking the valves was one of the items on my list. Pulling the valve cover on the rear cylinder was no big deal. 4 bolts and done. However, the front cylinder required a bit more work since I had to pull the radiator off the bike to get the clearance to the valves.

Front cylinder valve cover removed. Valves all checked out.

Another, much larger task at hand for the bike this year was to mount and wire a GPS and a radar detector to the Vstrom. In addition to these goodies I wanted to mount my SPOT device and arrange all these items where they could easily accessed and used.

Ram mount for the SPOT. Used the SPOT cradle and the 1 inch connection bar.

Another task was to change out the brakes on the bike as that was my biggest complaint with the Vstrom. They were very soft and lacked response. First steps to fix that, new pads and fluid. Problem mostly solved. Braided lines may come later...

OK, so I didnt take as many photos of the progress and upgrades as I would have liked. However, I did manage to get the bike out for some photos the other day before we set out on our SS2K. So here ya go, the new and improved, "Big Ugly Beast."

Fuel cell mounted up over the passenger seat. Shut off valve for fuel located on left side. .5L of water hanging from right side of fuel cell mount.

J&M Intercom, SPOT, iPod wireless remote, Map light, ride clock, cramp buster, throttle lock, GPS, radar detector.

Controls for heated items. Rocker switch turns on heated grips, large knob controls grip temp. Two smaller knobs control temperature of heated gear. (I now have socks, pants and jacket)

Voltage meter, auxiliary fuel pump switch, auxiliary light switch.

Plugs for heated gear.

Pelican box mounted. Purchased the pick and pluck foam to go inside the custom bag liner. Set up to carry camera equipment and ride documents. Cut the clips off three clip boards and velcro'd them to the lid.

Saddle bag set up. Chain lube, tripod and first aid kit are velcro'd to the lid to prevent falling. Bag liner from

Overall I am really happy with the way things turned out on the bike. There are still some things that need to change in time. But for now I think she will do. :)

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Andrew said...

Bajeebus! That's a bit of world-class farkelling there!

She's looking good, ride safe!