Friday, February 25, 2011

New year, New Gear, New Rides

As the warmer starts working its way back into the Carolina's, Dad and I began looking over the maps and planning out our potential rides for the year. Like last year we are planning on starting the season with a bang. On March 10th, Dad, Mike Brown and I will be departing Charlotte, NC in the early morning hours to ride 1500 miles in under 24 hours on our way to Jacksonville, Florida for the 2011 IBA party. After completing the SS1000 last March, we were bit by the LD bug and are looking to continue our progression within the LD community.

Another LD ride that Dad and I are looking into is currently not on the IBA list but we would like to do it anyway. It would be a Smokey and the Bandit Run in honor of the legendary movie with Burt Reynolds, Jerry Reed and the iconic Bandit Trans-Am. The details of the route are still be nailed down but I will be sure to post the details as they come about.

Since I have rescued Zeus back in October and my attempt to save some money, I have decided to get rid of my garage and keep the FZ at the house in Lexington. With this, I am expecting my riding mileage for 2011 to be a bit lower than 2010, but we will see.

With the Bun Burner Gold we are limited to the amount of time we can spend off the bike. To make sure that I can eat while riding I have invested in a Sy-Max II modular helmet. Also I have been looking to buy a new pair of riding boots for some time now and as of yesterday I came home with a pair of Sidi Strata Air boots. I have been looking at these for over a year now and with the new season coming up and my old boots showing some significant wear, I felt like now was a good time to replace.

Great looking boots with good protection and amazing comfort.

Inside opening with large zipper and two velcro patches.

Nice soft rubber sole, not slick like most race boots.

These boots are the perfect cross over boots that I have been looking for. I wasn't fully satisfied with the the Icon boots I had been wearing previously as I was looking for more protection. Race boots are great and offer great security but at the price of limited movement. Touring boots have great mobility and all day comfort but honestly lack any protection. These Sidis have protection similar to race boots and have the comfort of touring boots. I am excited to get out on the bike with these on and see how they feel on the pegs of the FZ.

Now that snowboard is put away for the winter, its time welcome the warm weather and miles of smiles on the mountain roads!

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