Thursday, July 8, 2010

Future Riding Plans (I hope, I hope, I hope)

After Dad and I returned from Florida we spent a considerable amount of time cleaning up the shop so that both bikes could easily fit inside and still have room to get around since I had brought my bike back home along with my garage stuff. While we were cleaning the shop I received a phone call from a man by the name of George Love who is the engineering director at Natvar in Clayton, NC. He had been in contact with one of my professors from school and asked him he knew any recent graduates that were interested in plastics. My professor gave him my number (I had given that particular professor my business card) and George contacted me and was interested in setting up and interview.

The interview went great, the guys working there were really nice and laid back and it seemed like a nice place to work. We shook hands and I went back on my way. A couple weeks later, just before the July 4th holiday, George Love called me and made me an offer! On July 26th I started working at Natvar as an R&D Engineering Technician.

I have moved into a one bedroom apartment complex just outside of Garner, NC and its taking a little getting used to. But work is going well and I am really enjoying it. They guys are laid back and the work is interesting and rather fun. Im slowly getting settled in and situated and ready to start riding again on a regular basis.

The first ride coming up that I would like to participate in is the MTF ride in Eastern, Tn. Being completely honest at this point, money is a bit tight after spending the money getting moved in and what not, so at this point the ride is up in the air.

However the next ride that I am really wanting to do will be in the spring of 2011. I would like to complete a BBG (1500 miles in 24 hours) on the way to the Jacksonville, Florida for the IBA party. I am currently working on the plans for this ride, figuring out the stops and planning how much time it will take. This ride is a very challenging one in that I can only stop for 10 minutes at each fuel stop, and that is it!

So thats its for now. Just sitting around, working Monday - Friday, putting food on the table and paying bills and looking for some time to ride. Welcome to the real world, huh?

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