Saturday, May 30, 2009

Upcoming Ride and a couple updates...

Since school has been out I have been doing some riding. However, due to the weather not as much as I had hoped to be. A few weeks ago Josh and I made it out to the Asheville area to do some riding and check out a restaurant for a possible RTE with the MTF. We found some nice roads and even rode a few miles down a dirtroad and saw some really neat stuff. In addition to this I had a screw up and laid the FZ down. Luckily it was a slow drop and I made it to the dirt and never touched the asphalt. However I got extremely lucky and it could have been alot worse. More details on that stuff later.

Tomorrow morning the folks and I are planning on going out for a ride somewhere in the mtns. The weather looks like it should be nice, but there is no telling what it can do when I go riding with Mom and Dad. They have a curse, rain gear will be packed...

Wednesday morning Josh, Jon and I will be leaving first thing in the morning headed to Deals Gap. We will be meeting up with some members on the FZ6 forum that I am part of it. We will be staying through Sat night and heading home Sunday. As a birthday gift from Jordan you all will be able to track ours/my progress on the trip thanks to a spot device (GPS locator). I will be posting a link to the tracking map on here and emailing the link to those emails that I have with instructions.

Off to bed before Tippi tears it up ( she has already got a good start on it)


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