Sunday, April 5, 2009

Aunt Chris Goes For A Ride

The week after spring break, my Aunt Chris, (Mom's Sister) came down for a visit from Wisconsin. Yes, there was still snow on the ground up there, and from the sounds of it, they are about to get more! [It is for this reason that I enjoy living in the south.]

Mom took some time off work and took her to Myrtle Beach for a day and to the Biltmore house on another to visit their cousin. In addition to this we had planned on taking Aunt Chris on a bike ride to show her some more of the great NC/TN mountains that we really enjoy.

I came home early Saturday afternoon with all the needed gear and such from my house to ensure that Aunt Chris had the proper riding attire. In addition to this we needed to swap headsets around in a couple helmets. Dad and I have become pretty good at this in the past year or two, so that was just a 10 minute job.

We started out Sunday morning at a fairly low temperature, Aunt Chris was comfortable. We headed up 52 to Hwy 64 to make our way west. After spending some time making our way down 64 we pulled into a Bojangles for some coffee to warm up and to put some extra layers on. It was still rather cold. We decided to ditch our original plan to head west towards 421 to ride, "The Snake" but rather go further north to VA up old 52 and then back road around.

Well at this point, Mom and Aunt Chris had switch bikes so this time Mom was on the back with me. Little was she aware that the next stop would atop old 52... We pulled off once we got close to make the cameras were ready and working. I took the point leading out, I warned mom about moving around the back and to be sure she kept here self rigid, as small movements would not be a good thing on this bike and that road. Granted she already knew this from riding with Dad for several thousand miles, but I wanted to make sure she knew.

Traffic cleared out nicely before we got to the run, the second lane opened up so I took the left lane and headed up. The road was nice and clean and traffic was minimal, a few cars here and there, but with the double lane set up it was not a problem at all.

Mom never said a word up the mtn, she just sat back there not moving at all. At one point we had to dodge a hose or something in the road which through off my line a bit, but no worries. Once at the top where it straightened out, I said, "Now that wasn't so bad." There was no response. I looked back, she was still on the back... Finally she said something to the effect of, "I was just trying to keep still."

I pulled into the gas station at the top, Dad had pulled around to the front so that he could record Mom's reaction as she got the bike. It was great. (Video Link Below)

She said she was fine, but I dunno. We ate at the Lake View Restaurant, which I swear does not over look a lake...

Aunt Chris climbed back on the FZ after lunch and we got up on the parkway. We rode the parkway for a good bit and stopped at a couple overlooks.

We talked with another rider for a few minutes that that particular overlook. He was riding a V-strom 650, which is rather cool bike. He talked about riding on dirt roads with in and it was his daily commuter as well. Which was surprising because the bike was in amazing shape to the miles he had on it and to be a commuter. He had his young daughter with him, they were just out enjoying the day and the mountains. Dad took a few pictures for him and they headed back down the mountain.
We saddled up again, continuing our ride down the parkway towards Station's Inn. We stopped there so the cameras could be adjusted. While Station's Inn wasn't open for the season yet there were still a few riders there. We chatted for a few minutes with them and then set a path home down the mountain.
Back down 21 to Mocksville, then back across Hwy 64 and home. It was a great ride, a bit cold but nice to get out. Aunt Chris had a great time as well and has had a taste of the Appalachian, Street Bike Style.

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