Thursday, August 21, 2008

Attending My First Road Race

I get a phone call from my dad on Thursday before the race on Sunday asking what I was doing that weekend. I explained that I would hanging out with some friends during the weekend but that was about it. Then he filled me in with some news that he might be able to get free tickets to the road race at VIR this coming Sunday.

This would be the first time that we would ever see a road race seeing as how we are off-road guys. So we really didn't know what to expect out of it, but we figured it would fun either way.
Dads Tucker Rocky Rep told us that we should ride our bikes to the race if we could because there are some special perks when doing so.

So I put the bike in the back of the truck and headed to the house Friday afternoon once I got out of work. After hanging out with some of my high school buddies all day Saturday, I headed home around midnight and finished getting the bike ready to ride up to VA.

One of our neighbors, Tim came along and we met up with another employee at the shop, J.P. (Who ride a 1098 *drool*) One of my roommates from last year, Kel, was in town so I invited him to come along and use the last ticket we had.

After we gathered up we headed further north to VIR. As we started getting closer there were more and more bikes on the road. When we finally found the entrance we were motioned around all the cars in line. We were a bit confused but then we noticed other bikes doing it as well. The continued to motion us in and down the road to the track. We had to stop at a few points and show our tickets but other than that they just pointed us closer and closer to the track.

At one point we came up to a bridge were we were greeted by a few flyby's that went below us. We were in a hurry to park after that. From there we were motioned to a gravel parking lot inside the pits where a man was pointing us where to park. In his hand he had square pieces of plywood which he threw down on the ground for us to put our kickstands on!

From there we met up with Kel and his buddy who purchased a ticket and began walking around the pits during the practice session.

The race was amazing and I could talk for days about all that happened, however I will let the pictures do the talking.

The KTM 125cc two strokes. These were the Red Bull Rookie Cup bikes. Really neat thing that they are doing. Google it for more details.

"Hold On Please!" Yup, a rear seat and a handle. Its a ride along bike. "Where do I sign?!"

Jason, the host from Super bikes was on hand doing a few stunts on the track in between rounds.
This was the session that most of my pictures came from. It was a really good spot to watch from. You were close to the track and the riders were really throwing the bikes around.

"Like to drag elbows?"

Even the 600's were pulling the front end coming out of the corner!

The Attack Kawi's were sounding great, and possibly running a bit lean?

Elbow Pucks?

Using all the track! He did that every lap. We were waiting on him to run off.

This guy was extremely soft in the rear end. When making the transition there he would pull the front too easily and when trying to turn there the front end would get out of wack. We were waiting on him to loose it. He almost did a couple times.

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