Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Snake!

Ok so once again, Dad having Monday's off gives him alot of "free" time. Thanks to the new super fast computer, I have a feeling Dad never leaves the basement. Maybe that was Mom's secret plan to get him out of the living room so she could watch her TV shows....

So here ya go. Link to last weekends ride up 421.

So a few notes to add to the trip.
77 is not bad first thing in the morning, in the afternoon/evening it is really not so nice. When Josh and I left that morning we got up to Statesville in a hurry, one- because we were running late, and two, there were no cars on the road. However coming home was another story.... Darn left lane bandits were out like crazy. Oh well.

Josh and I had been wanting to get up to "The Snake" again because the last time we went we were less than prepared, riding wise, for what it had to offer. It was my first trip out on the FZ and while I didn't do too bad that time I was still trying to figure out this asphalt stuff, lol. That and that was the first time Josh and ever seen corners to speak of.

Those are some pictures from our first time up, The Snake, last fall.

Since then Josh and I both have improved greatly since we have made several mountain trips in the late winter and early spring. So we felt it was time to go back to see how we improved.

It was much more enjoyable this time! We have learned to read each other when riding and have a pretty good trust riding together now since we have made so many trips. I normally take he lead when we are out and as I am taking corners I normally glance in my mirrors to make sure Josh is still back their and watch him exit corners.

For the most part he was right there with me the entire way untill this sharp right hander. It snuck up on me thats for sure and it was all I could to stay in my lane and pull through it. So I turned back to watch Josh. Well it spooked him a bit and he stood the bike up and was forced to break the double yellow. He was less than happy with himself about it since we really hate when people do that. Thankfully there wasn't any on coming traffic so everything was ok.

After the stop at the store and we had that truck incident, it got in my head a bit. But then again if you worry about everything that could happen you will never be able to get out and enjoy things. But I do hug that white line a bit more now.

When we found our way back to the twisties, Josh and I checked out again and like Dad said it wasn't that we were going fast it was just being able to carry a consistant speed through the corners. Mom played, "Mom" and managed to fuss at me a bit over the radio. I know she just misses doing that a daily basis.

A little ways into Hwy 58 we met a FZ1 coming down the mtn but it odd was because he shut the bike off as he approached us and then took both hands off and pointed and Josh and I. I didn't think much about it, but it turns out that the person riding the bike was person I have been chatting with on the net who lives up that way. We were going to meet up that weekend but he avoids Shady Valley on the weekends due to the amount of THP. Small world!

As Dad mentioned we ended up getting stuck behind some of the slowest people and it always seemed to happen at the best parts of the road! Oh well, I guess things happen for a reason sometimes.

We made it home safe and sound, ironicly with the exact same amount of miles on the trip meter as my parents. I mean exact. Odd.

Overall it was another great ride, but then again I don't think I have ever had a bad one. Riding a bike is by far one the most enjoyable things I do. No matter what kind of bike or what the terrain. Being on two wheels is what I enjoy the most, there is just something about it. It can't be explained...

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